Cremations in Perth

Approximately 80% of families in Perth choose a Cremation Funeral Service when they plan and arrange a funeral with their Funeral Director in Perth.
A cremation funeral service is not only a cheaper option than a funeral burial service, but cremations in Perth are also a popular funeral choice for environmental reasons, and emotional reasons as families can also retain their loved ones ashes as a keepsake, or to disperse them where they wish to.
Cremations in Perth cost less than burial funerals. Mayfair Funerals can members provide you with the precise funeral costs and funeral packages for the cremation service you choose, depending on your funeral service requirements.

Perth Cremation Locations

Perth crematoriums ­are located at Karrakatta Cemetery, Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park and Fremantle Cemetery. There are chapel facilities within these cemeteries and crematoria where the funeral service can take place at no extra charge.

Perth Cremation Locations

Unattended Cremation - Direct Cremation without a fuss, Ashes provided.

Intimate Cremation Family Funeral - Immediate Family Only

Full Chapel and Crematorium Cremation Funeral Service

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