What does it mean to be a licenced Funeral Director?

In Western Australia, legislation requires that Funeral Directors must be issued with a licence to operate by the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board.
The Metropolitan Cemeteries Board issues licences for Funeral Directors to conduct funerals at each of the six metropolitan cemetery sites managed by the MCB. These are Karrakatta, Fremantle, Midland and Guildford cemeteries, as well as Pinnaroo Valley and Rockingham Regional Memorial Parks.
For funeral services conducted outside of these cemeteries, Funeral Directors will be licenced by regional cemetery boards or local councils. On the MCB website there is a list of the current licensed Funeral Directors in Western Australia.

Licenced Funeral Directors in Perth Western Australia.

What does it mean to be licenced by the MCB in WA?

Funeral Directors licenced in Western Australia by the Metropolitan Cemetries Board (MCB) are required to meet specific criteria and carry out their duties and services in a particular manner:

Funeral Director licences issued in Western Australia by the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board are reviewed annually. A funeral director must pay a fee to be licensed, this fee entitles the funeral director to carry out funeral related services between 1 July – 30 June every year.

A new application to become a funeral director

A new application to become a funeral director will incur a fee for the application of licence to be assessed, as well as the the annual fee, both payable to the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board in Western Australia.

For a new licence, the current fee for the MCB to assess and grant a Funeral Director Licence Application – New Licence 2020-2021 there is a fee attached. This fee also includes resources from the MCB for a new Funeral Director to enter the industry in high quality and standard manner.

And if successful in meeting the strict ethical and professional criteria, the newly registered funeral director will also need to pay the Annual Funeral Director Licence 1 July 2020 – 30 June 2021. Funeral Services in Perth and WA can only be carried out once the license has been approved.

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