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Burial Funeral Service or Cremation Funeral Service

I, Jillian the Funeral Director at Mayfair Funeral Services Perth can with your help you select the most appropriate cemetery for either a burial or a cremation for your loved one in Perth. Firstly your family will need to make the decision if your loved ones wishes would be for a Cremation Funeral Service or a Burial Funeral Service. Then the location of the funeral service can be selected and the booking for the time and date at the appropriate location can be made with the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board.
Of the six cemeteries in the Perth Metropolitan area, three of these locations have the crematorium at the cemetery allowing the cremation committal to occur at the recessional, (the end of the funeral service). There is then no need for your loved one to be transported again to the crematorium. The Chapels have been purpose built for Cremation Funeral Services, they have a committal catafalque (or bier) and each chapel is complemented by a private condolence lounge. All of the six cemeteries in Perth listed allow for a graveside service and burial committal as long as the legal requirements have been met.

• Fremantle Cemetery (burial and cremation committal at this location)
• Karrakatta Cemetery (burial and cremation committal at this location)
• Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park Cemetery (burial and cremation committal at this location)
• Guildford Cemetery (burial committal only at this location)
• Midland Cemetery (burial committal only at this location)
• Gnangara Aboriginal Cemetery (burial committal only at this location)

Mayfair Funeral Services offer options to personalise each families wishes to acknowledge and honour their loved on for their final farewell.

Types of Funeral Services available for Families in Perth

Cremation Funeral Services

Direct Cremation (An unattended no Funeral Service with no mourners) where a memorial service or scattering of ashes may occur at a later date. This is also popular before an Intement Funeral Service where once the ashes are received, the ashes are intemed into an existing grave.

Cremation Chapel Funeral Service - Intimate, with only immediate family and friends are present. A simple funeral service with a small group of family and friends can be present in the chapel to pay their respect to the departed. This simple cremation costs significantly less than a traditional funeral. It will be intimate with myself, your Funeral Director and the Chapel attendant welcoming close family into the chapel. You can select the music to be played and Pallbear the coffin into the chapel and placed upon the Catafalque. Any family who wishes to speak, say a prayer or perform a readying are welcome to do so. We will offer reflection with rosemary sprigs and then there will be the final goodbye - the cremation committal

Cremation Chapel Funeral Service - Full service with family, friends and all mourners present. Invite all family and friends so that everyone can pay their last respects.

Dual Service Cremation Funeral Service - Where a funeral service may be held at one location such as a local church, then the hearse and mourners cortege to the cemetery chapel for a Cremation Committal.

Burial Funeral Services

Single Service Graveside Service and Burial Committal
Dual Service Graveside Service and Burial Committal - eg, Church Service and then Graveside Service.

Memorial Services - Scattering of Ashes

Some families at a later date after the cremation service has taken place, choose to scatter the ashes of a loved one in a place that was special to the deceased or within the cemetery grounds. We can assist in gaining the correct permissions if required, providing a Funeral celebrant, Chairs and marquee, stationary, outdoor sound systems.

However, your family can choose to make these arrangments yourselves for a memorial service, you do not need to be a Funeral Director. Just request permission to do so from the location you would like and then make your arrangments as you see fit for your family.

Included with every Mayfair Funeral Service

Your preferred choice of Cemetery Chapel
Good value cremations perth karrakatta cemetery
Karrakatta Cemetery
Karrakatta WA 6010
Good value cremations perth at Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park West Chapel
Pinnaroo Valley
Padbury WA 6025
Good value cremations at Fremantle cemetery East Chapel
Fremantle Cemetery
Palmyra WA 6157
Your preferred choice of Flower Casket Spray to use to decorate the coffin for the funeral service.
Casket Spray for Perth Cremations Funeral Service
Casket Spray for Perth Cremations Funeral Service
Casket Spray flowers by Funeral Directors in Perth Mayfair
Included is a choice of coffin finishes, rosewood, sapele or light oak with 6 silvered handles, standard size..
Mayfair Funerals Gloss White Coffin Swan with Raised Lid and silver handlesMayfair Funerals Perth Oak Coffin with Swan Raised Lid and silver handles.
Mayfair Funerals Perth Sapele Coffin with Swan Raised Lid and silver handles.Mayfair Funerals Perth Rosewood Coffin with Swan Raised Lid and silver handles.
Included is your personal preference for Speaker or Funeral Celebrant or a Family Member from our range.
Funeral Celebrant to MC the Funeral Service for Burials and Cremations in Perth
Funeral Celebrant
Male Celebrant
Memorial Tribute Video sharing tributes, photos, videos for the funeral video slideshow
Online Streaming
Downloadable Recording
Funeral Service online video streaming of Funeral and recording with Mayfair Funeral Services Perth
Video Tribute
3-4 minute video & audio
Included in the price is Rosemary for Reflection time, Online streaming and a recording if wished, as well as a 3-4 minute video tribute played during the funeral service. Candles and Attendance Cards.
Rosemary Sprigs for Reflection Funeral time within the funeral service. Mourners are offered rosemary to place upon the coffin to reflect.
Rosemary for Reflection
Offered to Family & Mourners
Candles that are lit soflty are placed upon the catafalque or bier which creates a spiritual atmosphere for the cremation service in the MCB chapel in Western Australia
Candles upon Catafalque
Funeral Directors Perth to hand out Attendance Cards for Mourners at the Perth Cremation Service
Attendance Cards
Mourners Attendance Details
Soft lit candles are placed upon the catafalque surrounding the coffin placement. All cremation and legal fees included. Black Hearse Cortege from residence included. The death certificate is also provided approx 10 days after the cremation service.
Births Deaths Marriages death certificate
All Cremation Fees Paid
Registered Death Certificate included.
Funeral Directors Perth - Jillian for Perth Cremations and Burials Funerals from Mayfair
Funeral Director - Jillian
Personally Conducts Funeral
Black Hearse for a Cremation Funeral Service in Subiaco Nedlands Perth WA
Hearse & Limousine Cortege
Hearse & Matching Limo Cortege
Black Hearse Cortege and Family Limousine - White or Black for the Funeral Service in Perth
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