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Cremations in Perth

Approximately 80% of families in Perth choose a Cremation Funeral Service when they plan and arrange a funeral with their Funeral Director in Perth.
A cremation funeral service is not only a cheaper option than a funeral burial service, but cremations in Perth are also a popular funeral choice for environmental reasons, and emotional reasons as families can also retain their loved ones ashes as a keepsake, or to disperse them where they wish to.
Cremations in Perth cost less than burial funerals. Mayfair Funerals can members provide you with the precise funeral costs and funeral packages for the cremation service you choose, depending on your funeral service requirements.

Perth Cremation Locations

Perth crematoriums ­are located at Karrakatta Cemetery, Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park and Fremantle Cemetery. There are chapel facilities within these cemeteries and crematoria where the funeral service can take place at no extra charge.

Perth Cremation Locations

Unattended Cremation - Direct Cremation without a fuss, Ashes provided.

Intimate Cremation Family Funeral - Immediate Family Only

Full Chapel and Crematorium Cremation Funeral Service

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Arrange Plan Funeral

Arranging and Planning a Funeral

Funeral directors, will meet with you themselves to arrange and plan the upcoming funeral service for your loved one. The funeral director will manage and arrange the logistics for all funeral services personally. Your funeral director will work with your family to select the date and the locations for (whichever chosen) the cremations, or burial.

They will co-ordinate your wishes and requests to provide a dignified and respectful funeral service in keeping with your loved ones wishes and those of your family.  They will  manage the collection and mortuary care, and viewings if required,.

Compassion is an essential character attribute for a funeral director especially considering they are working with families dealing with grief.  Funeral directors and arrangers carry out sensitive work under stressful conditions due to the short amount of time to carry out the families wishes.  Compassion and empathy must be demonstrated at all times.

The funeral director ensures all funeral arrangements go to plan for the day of the funeral service. They listen to the bereaved about their needs and provide the relevant information that will help them make decisions.

The choice of the right funeral director an important choice you will make.  You will be trusting them with a sacred responsibility to honour your loved one in a harmonious and professional manner.

Tasks of the Funeral Arranger Funeral Director

An example of a dignified, yet simple funeral service can be as simple as the funeral director and family deciding upon the following.

Licensed Funeral Director

What does it mean to be a licenced Funeral Director?

In Western Australia, legislation requires that Funeral Directors must be issued with a licence to operate by the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board.
The Metropolitan Cemeteries Board issues licences for Funeral Directors to conduct funerals at each of the six metropolitan cemetery sites managed by the MCB. These are Karrakatta, Fremantle, Midland and Guildford cemeteries, as well as Pinnaroo Valley and Rockingham Regional Memorial Parks.
For funeral services conducted outside of these cemeteries, Funeral Directors will be licenced by regional cemetery boards or local councils. On the MCB website there is a list of the current licensed Funeral Directors in Western Australia.

Licenced Funeral Directors in Perth Western Australia.

What does it mean to be licenced by the MCB in WA?

Funeral Directors licenced in Western Australia by the Metropolitan Cemetries Board (MCB) are required to meet specific criteria and carry out their duties and services in a particular manner:

Funeral Director licences issued in Western Australia by the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board are reviewed annually. A funeral director must pay a fee to be licensed, this fee entitles the funeral director to carry out funeral related services between 1 July – 30 June every year.

A new application to become a funeral director

A new application to become a funeral director will incur a fee for the application of licence to be assessed, as well as the the annual fee, both payable to the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board in Western Australia.

For a new licence, the current fee for the MCB to assess and grant a Funeral Director Licence Application – New Licence 2020-2021 there is a fee attached. This fee also includes resources from the MCB for a new Funeral Director to enter the industry in high quality and standard manner.

And if successful in meeting the strict ethical and professional criteria, the newly registered funeral director will also need to pay the Annual Funeral Director Licence 1 July 2020 – 30 June 2021. Funeral Services in Perth and WA can only be carried out once the license has been approved.

Burial Funerals in Perth

Cremation Funerals in Perth

Funeral Homes 2020

Career Definition of a Funeral Director in 2020

Funeral directors, also sometimes referred to as Funeral Home Operators, Funeral Arrangers or in historical times, Undertakers or morticians. Funeral Directors provide guidance and assistance to families and individuals to plan and arrange a funeral service; take care of the legal and responsible necessities, carry out the funeral services and accept the booking and payment for the funeral service.

Funeral directors today can be independent funeral service providers who specialise in supporting families to make the funeral arrangements, legalities and carry out the funeral service on the day, whereas in history the Funeral director was also usually a practicing embalmers, mortician. In current times (which means that they prepare and preserve the body before internment).

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Large Companies and Local Independents

The funeral industry in Australia is a multibillion dollar business controlled by only a few major entities. Although searching on the internet for a funeral company there appears to be a choice and a range of funeral providers to compare price and services, however most of these websites and listings are owned by only a few companies – leaving consumers with limited options, despite the illusion of competitors in the industry to offer a choice.

Nowadays one licensed funeral director can have teams of attendants and staff who make the arrangements and conduct the on the day funeral service, and there is not actually a licensed funeral director present. Of course the staff who carry out and conduct the funeral service have been trained to carry out the funeral service according to the funeral companies brand values and particular services.

Common duties of funeral directors include meeting with families in need of planning a funeral, helping families plan how the funeral service will be, offering suggestions and ways to personalise the ceremony to provide a respectful, dignified and celebrated memory of the loved ones life.
Some funeral directors embalm and prepare the bodies ahead of the cremation or burial service, however in todays world there are professional embalmers and morticians who solely specialise in embalming and mortuary services for funeral companies and funeral directors service.

Funeral companies, directors, funeral attendants and administrative staff from funeral homes and funeral service companies also assist in the planning and organising of wakes and memorial services, ordering of casket sprays and funeral flowers as well as placing obituary notices in newspapers, online web memorial books and handling all legal and administrative paperwork.

Funeral Service Companies in 2020

In 2020 the funeral director or as formerly known, the undertaker has evolved. Traditionally in yesteryear a single undertaker cared for the deceased, held a graveside ceremony and comforted the family himself. In todays funeral service world there are choices between mostly cremation (which is a lot more affordable) and a burial funeral, and the single undertaker has evolved into teams of men and women who drive transfer vans, hearses and limousines, wear distinct branded suiting and are multi-skilled to be able to personalise funerals to suit any family. Such as arranging butterflies and doves to be released, video slideshows, music choices, live streaming via the internet. There are attendance cards printed and handed to mourners that the attendants retrieve and package in ribbon for the Funeral Director or the Conductor to give to the family as a keepsake.