Burial Funeral – Service and Graveside Service (single or dual)

Mayfair Funerals Perth offer a dual service funeral commencing with a Hearse cortege from the residents home to the Church, then after the Church service to the preferred cemetery for a burial at the grave with a half hour graveside service. The Mayfair burial funeral services are carried out with respect and with elegance.
$8,990 inc gst.

Funeral Service and Graveside Service Burial with Mayfair Funerals.

  • Transfer of the deceased into our care from the place of passing.
  • Dressing of loved one in their own clothes. (additional fee).
  • Included is a choice of coffin finishes, rosewood, sapele or light oak with 6 silvered handles.
  • Standard size. (gloss painted coffins are an available option).
  • Elegant casket spray provided for the service.
  • Hearse cortege from residence to the Church and then onto the cemetery.
  • Services available at Guildford, Midland, Karrakatta, Fremantle or Pinnaroo Cemeteries.
  • Additional funeral service at preferred chapel, church, venue (additional fee).
  • Graveside service included.
  • Rosemary and Sand for scattering and Reflection.
  • Distribution and return of attendance cards
  • Audio/music set up for graveside service option (additional fee).
  • Video tribute with music if Church has facilities.
  • MCB interment fees. (opening/closing grave)
  • Complimentary matching 7 seater black family limousine.
  • Clergy Fees, Doctors fees and legal fees where required.
  • Grave marker cross.
  • Registration of death and death certificate provided.
  • Fully staffed funeral service.
  • $8,990 including gst
  • Excluding the purchase of the plot at the cemetery.
  • Viewing available upon request.
Single Service or Dual location service.
One price $8,990 inc gst.
If you have any preferences or personal requests that we have not listed here, please call me and let me know. We are very accomodating. 
Funeral Directors in Perth - Jillian from Mayfair Funeral Services
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Sapele Swan Coffin with Silver Handles and Mayfair Casket Spray
Black Hearse for a Cremation Funeral Service in Subiaco Nedlands Perth WA
Mayfair Funerals Gloss White Coffin Swan with Raised Lid and silver handlesMayfair Funerals Perth Oak Coffin with Swan Raised Lid and silver handles.
Mayfair Funerals Perth Sapele Coffin with Swan Raised Lid and silver handles.Mayfair Funerals Perth Rosewood Coffin with Swan Raised Lid and silver handles.

A Choice of Four Lovely Coffins included in Price

A burial service is usually a short ceremony held after the main funeral service as the coffin is lowered into the ground.

Graveside Burial Service

Burial Funeral Service at Perth Cemetery locations including Guildford Cemetery, Midland Cemetery, Pinnaroo Memorial Park, Karrakatta Cemetery and Fremantle Cemetery.  Mayfair Funerals offer a burial or graveside service or a dual burial funeral service including a Church or Chapel Service of your choice. If you are planning a funeral service for a loved one and are still undecided as to the form of the funeral,  Cremations are also an option. Cremation Funeral Services are considerably cheaper than burial funeral services as there is no plot purchase from the MCB required.
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