Arranging and Planning a Funeral

Funeral directors, will meet with you themselves to arrange and plan the upcoming funeral service for your loved one. The funeral director will manage and arrange the logistics for all funeral services personally. Your funeral director will work with your family to select the date and the locations for (whichever chosen) the cremations, or burial.

They will co-ordinate your wishes and requests to provide a dignified and respectful funeral service in keeping with your loved ones wishes and those of your family.  They will  manage the collection and mortuary care, and viewings if required,.

Compassion is an essential character attribute for a funeral director especially considering they are working with families dealing with grief.  Funeral directors and arrangers carry out sensitive work under stressful conditions due to the short amount of time to carry out the families wishes.  Compassion and empathy must be demonstrated at all times.

The funeral director ensures all funeral arrangements go to plan for the day of the funeral service. They listen to the bereaved about their needs and provide the relevant information that will help them make decisions.

The choice of the right funeral director an important choice you will make.  You will be trusting them with a sacred responsibility to honour your loved one in a harmonious and professional manner.

Tasks of the Funeral Arranger Funeral Director

An example of a dignified, yet simple funeral service can be as simple as the funeral director and family deciding upon the following.

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