Direct Cremation

A Simple Farewell

All of Our Direct Cremation Services Include:

  • All permits, transportation and cemetery fees for cremation.

  • Transfer of your loved one into our care 24/7 within the Perth metro area.

  • No hidden fees or charges.

Basic Unattended Cremation

  • Permits & Approvals Included.

  • Transport of Your Loved One.

  • Cremation Coffin
  • Notification of Arrival to Crematorium.

Premium Unattended Cremation

  • All Basic Cremation Inclusions.

  • Hearse transport to the Cemetery.

  • Casket Flowers on the Coffin.

  • Memorial Image at arrival in Cemetery.

Additional Options Available
at cost

  • Upgraded Coffin.

  • Oversize Coffin if required.

  • Mortuary Care/Dress.

  • Hard Copy of Death Certificate. 

How to arrange a Direct Cremation Service in 3 steps.

Step 1 - Complete the Cremation Application Form online (below).

Step 2 - Complete the Payment.

Step 3 - Await confirmation of the planned cremation date sent by text message.

Mayfair Funerals understands that final wishes vary. For those seeking a dignified cremation without a funeral service, one that is without any fuss and simple, we offer dignified direct cremation services. This basic cremation option allows you to carry out your loved ones wishes and ensures a respectful farewell.

After the cremation has been conducted, you may choose to arrange your own memorial with your family in your own way,  with the ashes present, or a scattering of the ashes. 


Complete the payment

Upon receiving the submitted form, your will receive an invoice that can be finalised by bank transfer. We can then bring your loved one into our care and arrange the cremation.

Please note that full payment is required before the cremation service takes place.


Receive Planned Cremation Date

On the day, receive a text message to your mobile phone sharing with you that your loved one has arrived direct into the Crematorium to receive their Cremation.

Frequently Asked Questions - Cremations

On the day of the Direct Cremation Service

On the day of the service, Mayfair Funerals will ensure a respectful and worry-free experience for you and your family. Our caring staff will personally transport your loved one to the cemetery and discreetly notify you when they have arrived directly into the Crematorium.

We will submit to the Registry Office the necessary information on your behalf to enable death registration,  and provide a web link where you can request a physical Death Certificate at your convenience. The Registry of Birth's Death's & Marriages will post this to your preferred address for a fee of $54.

Does the coffin get cremated with the body?

Yes, the coffin or casket is cremated along with the body. It's never placed in the chamber alone. After preparation, the entire container is carefully moved into the cremation chamber using a specialised rack or tray.

How long does it take to receive ashes after cremation?

Once the cremation is complete, the ashes are prepared and placed in an urn by the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board staff at either Pinnaroo, Fremantle, Karrakatta or Rockingham Cemeteries, it usually takes 48-72 hours, however this process may take longer in some cases.

Who can collect the cremated remains?

The 'applicant', or person who authorised the cremation at the time of the cremation /  funeral arrangements, is the only person authorised for collecting the ashes. When you arrive to collect them, the cemetery will verify your identity and request to view your drivers licence. If you would like to authorise a member of your family to collect the ashes, you will need to complete a 'letter of authority' form.

When and where to collect ashes? 

When you are planning to collect the ashes, please call the Cemetery on 1300 793 109 to advise the day and date you intend to collect the ashes, the cemetery staff will confirm if this is suitable to avoid any difficulty or delays when you do arrive. The Administrator (the person who authorised the cremation) will receive email notification once the cremation is complete with instructions for collection. 

Can ashes be posted?

Ashes can be posted directly from the Metropolitan Cemetery Board to the applicant, within Australia. However they cannot be posted  internationally (depending on the destination country's regulations). It can be a very difficult process to transport human remains internationally. If you intend to travel overseas and wish to take the ashes you will need to contact the airline directly and discuss with their management their individual policy.

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